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SMPlayer is a free multimedia player for Windows & Linux . With built in codecs that can play and download streaming YouTube videos for free. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Please consult our Website'sTerms & Conditions.

During the installation, software suggestions may be offered. These are recommendatory and users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions

Multi-lingual SMPlayer Multi-lingual SMPlayer Download


SMPlayer Download for Free


Get your free SMPlayer download as it is a very simple open source media player made even easier. It has bountiful of essential freebies that are very helpful to fulfill your needs for a perfect media player application. SMPlayer is a light software which is packed with heavy features and functionalities. One basic example is that SMPlayer download is distributed for free, which allows all kinds of users from different financial status take advantage of it.

SMPlayer download

It is written in multilingual interface which means it is translated in different major languages around the globe. More than thirty (30) foreign languages in recent count. Everyone can enjoy this free SMPlayer download from its own local version absolutely for free. SMPlayer download does not only translate some of the commands but are totally written in one whole version of complete language interpretation which includes all the codes and sources.

Multi language interface is indeed one of the major features of SMPlayer that one should grab because instructions and guides are carefully outlined in every available language. Everyone is given the privilege to download and install the software in easiest and quickest possible time. Another is that it enables new or novice users to understand every detail correctly because it is explained in their own locally used language.

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