SMPlayer - Cross-Platform Media Player

SMPlayer is a free multimedia player for Windows & Linux . With built in codecs that can play and download streaming YouTube videos for free. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Please consult our Website'sTerms & Conditions.

During the installation, software suggestions may be offered. These are recommendatory and users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions

SMPlayer Media Player Beautiful Skins SMPlayer Media Player Skins

With SMPlayer Media Player you will never get bored. Aside from all amazing functions that it contains it has also easy to customize and configure skins that can surely add more spice and twists to the total package. Wide array of choices are available to enhance the appearance of SMPlayer skins. It has vibrant colours and attractive designs to match your activities in this multimedia player solution. You can choose from simple to complex design, energizing to calm looks and pure to attractive colours.

These are just basic choices that can surely energize your day, wait until you see more. Skins come also in different types. Modern skins can definitely match the present fashion. It has realistic and perfect graphics and forms that can fit in your busy lifestyle and fashionable taste. If you want to take it light and relaxing, a natural skin can be your best pick.

If you’re nature lover and want to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings take a breathe in this fresh looking skins. You can also have your bouncy characters fit in to your screen if you want free spirited and animated backgrounds set in your main view. Download SMPlayer skins for it has plenty of beautiful skins; it’s up to you to personalize it according to your taste.

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