SMPlayer - Cross-Platform Media Player

SMPlayer is a free multimedia player for Windows & Linux . With built in codecs that can play and download streaming YouTube videos for free. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Please consult our Website'sTerms & Conditions.

During the installation, software suggestions may be offered. These are recommendatory and users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions

Privacy Policy

Before any action in our site, we always encourage our users to take a look and read our privacy policy one by one. We ensure that our user’s privacy is our supreme responsibility therefore we do all our best to securely take good care of all the personal information that we collected from our users. Our site assures that we take necessary measures to protect all data that we acquire from our visitors voluntarily. We see to it that we handle all the information as if they are our own with highest possible confidentiality. Our site even uses the best encrypting tools for efficient safe keeping.


Privacy policy serves like mutual agreement between our site and end users about the set of expectations towards the site. We strictly emphasize strict compliance of rules and responsibilities to avoid any illegal action and misbehaviour toward the site. Our site is fully concern about our user’s welfare so it is proper that at some point we also provide due restrictions to ensure that everything runs pleasantly. Any undue actions and illegal motivation towards the site will surely be given enough attention and be dealt with seriously.


Security Policy


Our site has high standard in terms of securing our users personal information. We are highly concerned with our users security that we do all we can to provide quality methods to appropriately protect all information that we obtain from our users. We optionally gather information from our entire visitor, we see to it we do not receive any information from compulsory means. All our users are given free choices whether to reveal or not reveal any information to us. Nevertheless, since we value our users we keep all the information at the highest level of privacy and we guarantee that it will never be used or shared publicly in whatever reason. Above all, all the personal information is only handled by authorized representative from our site.


Users Choice


We strongly stress out that all information that we obtain is through voluntary user’s choice. We never demand any information from our users unless they give their optional choice to entrust their personal information to us. However, we guarantee privacy of any gathered information that we never provide or share any information for public use.


 Obtained Information


The personal information that we optionally received from our users are their first name, surname, date of birth, age, contact numbers like, email addresses, telephone number(s), mobile number(s), business phone(s) permanent mailing address, business address and zip code. We often use these to send updates, feedback as well as responses particularly to technical concerns. We often send information through your email addresses with the best encrypting tools to securely deliver safe and accurate information to our users.


Disclosure Agreement


All the policies, restrictions, limitations as well as responsibilities of users toward the site are carefully stated and explained to make sure that everything is clear between the user and the site. All the personal information is made sure that it was obtained through voluntary or optional means and the site ensures highest security measure to protect the user’s privacy. Therefore, we conclude that continued use of any features as well as download of software means that our users personally confirmed and agreed to all considerations set in our site.