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SMPlayer: A Video Player That Accurately Reminds You

👤 🕔 February 17, 2014 0

The usual media player is available to play and store files but there’s one media player that never fail to recall you with the settings of previously played media files, SMPlayer. This is one smart video player that doesn’t miss to remember settings of all played files. Instant pause in any of your played file is not a stop or end of the process because this media player has time positioned functions and can trace settings of all played files. SMPlayer is a firm sample of simple media player that can deliver huge and extraordinary commands. It has no complex tools or over imposes application but the ability to sustain quality features and functionalities is exemplary. Intelligent settings help a lot in many ways especially by not repeating to play files from the start when you missed something. Download SMPlayer a video player that accurately reminds you and you’ll always be on time in managing all you’re media files.

Bunch of features awaits you with SMPlayer. Variety is your limits and preference is always your options. For instance, movie collection is your passion and tracks compilation is your past time then you have your perfect assistant with SMPlayer. SMPlayer allows you to store all kinds of audio files and formats even from other physical media like DVD and VCD. It has even built-in installer that can directly generate different kinds of codec’s and packages during setup.

Another is that it has included NSIS an independent program that can instantly read various scripts and support compression processes even some interfaces. Because of these compression of files is made simpler and compact. Different files with variety of file size are now reduced to save lots of space and to fit in orderly into one huge playlist. You too, can save extra space to your computer and can instantly access your file but in case you forget the last thing you do with your file then let your media player recalls it to you, download free SMPlayer a video player that accurately reminds you.

SMPlayer is a cross-platform and handy multimedia software. It has even portable version too. It is made up of different MPlayer’s command and functionalities. It can also visualize and perform tasks which are influenced by built-in packages and containers. Another, it has always its own initiative to deliver balance audio and video by the use of its filters and equalizers. Configurable features are also never out of scene because of SMPlayer has lots of it; it purely depends on you to further enhance it to soothe your taste and style. Subtitles, streaming, skins and playbacks are some of the essential features that is highly trusted to users to give them fair share. If you wanted to go further then use SMPlayer besides Internet fetches, it is directly connected to YouTube where you can browse, play, listen, watch and manipulate all types of media files. You need not to worry in case you skip something because a free SMPlayer download will accurately reminds you.

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