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The Comparison between SMPlayer and VLC Media Player

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

It is inevitable not to compare media players, to think that users nowadays are looking for far greater media players than its previous versions. When it comes to media player comparison, users can’t simply ignore the battle between SMPlayer and the VLC Media Player. Some users have downloaded both software’s to be able to compare it piece by piece and feature by feature.

So what is there in SMPlayer that is not found in VLC and vice versa? The truth is, both media players have a lot of similarities, it’s just that most experts in the field of media players prefer to use VLC as they think it is more powerful than other existing media players. What makes VLC the most powerful then?

As a start, VLC media player is considered to be powerful as it can read and play files in different formats. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s an audio file, a video file or simply an image file, VLC media player can still read files for you without undergoing too much trouble. In fact, a lot of users prefer VLC in case they are doubtful if their file can be open by their currently used media player.

What about SMPlayer? Well, SMPlayer may not be as powerful as VLC according to some experts but this software is capable of playback feature plus an extra bonus, it comes with style! The interface and its menus are sleekly programmed while its features like the playback are very cool. Although others find the set up of SMPlayer a bit tedious and time consuming, many claimed it’s worth the effort and tie. Why SMPlayer does takes time to download? This is because it comes with a larger file size as compared to other media players.

On the brighter side, as soon as SMPlayer has been downloaded, it can almost rival the video and audio quality that VLC media player has to offer. Overall, SMPlayer and VLC media player are tough and robust software’s, but only one is greater and that is still VLC. But, don’t undermine the use of SMPlayer as it also comes with impressive features that can serve as your 2nd best choice if VLC is not available to download. Note that both come for free, no payments or monthly subscription. So download SMPlayer and VLC now and enjoy.

Download SMPlayer also offers a pleasant surprise, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. You will not know what lies ahead if you haven’t given it a try. If you have used VLC, then it’s almost like using VLC, in a more subtle and simpler way. VLC comes with advanced features that users especially novice ones may not appreciate yet.

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