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Top 3 Impressive Media Players for Linux Users

👤 🕔 July 14, 2014 0

Linux is one of the most used Operating Systems right now. It is popular, free and open source. Just like any other platform users, a lot of Linux users’ wishes to use a media player that is compatible to their choice of operating system that can provide utmost functions with only little limitations or none at all. When it comes to media players, Linux users should not worry for there are dozens of media players out there that can work perfectly fine with this platform. To show you that Linux system can also experience high end media players without the need to shift platform, here are the top 3 media players that is compatible and works best in Linux system.

SMPlayer, this media player works perfectly fine in Linux OS. Why is SMPlayer perfect for Linux? The fact that it uses the sophisticated MPlayer engine for video playback, it makes this media player quite powerful. In other words, watching movies in DVD format, MPG, FLV, AVI and more can be a breeze. In addition, SMPlayer is said to be built in Qt4. Most Linux users are fond of using SMPlayer, so download it now to enjoy its features. VLC media player, this is the 2nd top most pick of most Linux users when it comes to media player. Although some claimed that VLC is best for Windows users, still it is undeniable that VLC works great on Linux system too! This media player is cross platform that is also as powerful as SMPlayer which uses a reliable toolkit known as the wxWidgets. VLC media player also uses Qt interface just like SMPlayer, no wonder this is the 2nd pick of most Linux users.

The third pick is the Real Player. This is another popular media player as it can play not only video files on Linux platform but as well as audio files. Real Player is considered the epitome of enhancements as it comes with 4 different audio enhancers; it also has different skins to choose from to make user experience more personalized as compared to other media players. In addition, Real Player for Linux was intentionally developed separately from other platform users such as Windows and Mac. In the past, Real Player encountered a lot of controversies and some of which was the claim that it comes with both spyware and adware.

However, users must know that the spyware was removed during the release of its next version, the 1.02. So Linux users have nothing to fear. These are the top 3 media players highly recommended to Linux users who seek to download and install a reliable media player; SMPlayer, VLC media player and the Real Player. Take note that although Linux users can download and use these media players, it does not mean it is not available on other platforms. These 3 players are powerful and flexible, so you can expect all players to be compatible to other major OS right now.

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